Temperature Screening Attendants



As we all navigate through these unprecedented times, staffing can be quite the challenge. Clayton Valet & Parking Management is partnering up with healthcare facilities to help alleviate some of the burden our #healthcareheroes are facing by bringing in our temperature screening attendants; allowing hospital staff to get back to their normal positions and allowing hospital administration to focus on their other tasks. We have successfully deployed over 500 screeners to facilities throughout Missouri, Kansas and Illinois.

Bonus** This is a much more cost-effective option too!! 

Acting as the first impression to your facility, our Prompt, Polite, Professional Screening Attendants are: Customer Service Oriented, Background Screened & Drug Tested. Armed with screening tools specific to your organization, our attendants will control your entrances, ask your screening questions, take temperatures, document as you desire and direct visitors as needed. 

Some of the benefits our partners have found appealing: 

  • Choose your ramp up time – We can transition our staff in to your organization slowly or we can take over the entire project. Once we have an idea of what the coverage schedule looks like, we can provide a start date. Usually, we can start transitioning within 2 weeks of our verbal agreement. Also, there’s no minimum contract length. We’re there as long as you need us. 
  • Easy budgeting – We only charge for the hours our attendants are on-site working. 
    • No set up fees.  No management fees.  No uniform costs.  No insurance fees.  No sourcing fees.  
  • Supervision – Each location has a designated supervisor as a local on-site contact. For larger operations, there could be multiple supervisory entities, often times with Site Captains as a secondary support resource. Our timekeeping system allows for us to set up a geo fence around your facility to prevent incorrect clocks. If an employee is running late, a supervisor is notified electronically and immediately works on a solution. 
  • Scheduling – Our team will work hand in hand with your team throughout the transition process. Once we get to our baseline, we can take over the schedule entirely. We handle shift changes, call offs, no shows, etc. We provide service 24/7. (Our only request is to maintain shift minimums of at least 4 hours.) 
  • Training – Our management team will work closely with your team to learn the intricacies of each station and build reference materials for our staff to keep consistency throughout your facility. 

One thing we hear across the board is that scheduling is quite the beast. Our clients have found that we are able to transition our team in with minimal issues. We have several hospitals with over 50 team members a day. 

Contact us now to see if we may be a good fit for your facility.  We look forward to hearing from you.