Health Care Valet

Valet Services for Health Care Management facilities and Hospitals require experienced and sensitive Valet Professionals.   Several Health Care Management Facilities have and/or could make a huge positive impact with their customers by adding Health Care Valet Services.  Hospitals and health care facilities that offer valet service for their patients and guests exhibit true customer service and possess a competitive advantage over those that don’t offer valet.  Clayton Valet will provide prompt, polite and professional valet teams for:

  • Hospital Valet
  • Nursing Home Valet
  • Cancer Center Valet
  • Medical Facility Valet
  • Doctors’ Office Valet
  • Dentists’ Office Valet

Our team of professional valets working at Health Care Facilities are:

  • Experienced – Each valet professional  working on a health care facility has been with Clayton Valet & Parking Management a minimum of 90 days
  • Immunized – Each valet professional at a health care facility has been fully vaccinated
  • Sensitive – Each valet professional at a health care facility has been trained to understand the unique circumstances that they may encounter and recognizes the high standard of customer service that is required of him/her

Our service includes:

  • Opening the patient and guest’s car door, offering a warm greeting and thank-you
  • Describing how the valet service works
  • Providing directions as needed
  • Facilitating entering and leaving the hospital
  • Loading and retrieving personal items such as wheelchairs, crutches and overnight bags from the car—getting a visit off to a great start and helping keep appointments on time

Clayton Valet & Parking Management is fully insured and happy to meet individual requirements for any health care facility; including, but not limited to, worker’s compensation, employers’ liability, disease policy, etc.

We look forward to exhibiting a prompt, polite and professional healthcare valet experience to your patients.