We are looking for motivated, ethical and honest individuals to represent our team. If you’re a hard worker, enjoy being outside, are neatly groomed, and able to run long distances contact us today. Read through our company standards below and Click Here for an online application.

Vehicle Operation

Clayton Valet employees must be able to drive a manual vehicle.


Clayton Valet expects you to be neat and clean.  This means nails, teeth, hair, shoes, body and clothes.  The employee is responsible for having clean pants and a clean shirt at the beginning of each shift.


  • Shorts are NEVER allowed
  • Clayton Valet shirt or jacket
  • Black Pants

Tattoos and Piercing

Employees that have tattoos and/or ear piercings are to be discreet about them.  Ownership may ask that they be covered while working.  Facial piercing is limited only to the ears and no other place on the face.


Male employees – hair must be kept neat and clean.  All styles subject to approval by the general manager and must comply with the local health code. Facial hair must be trimmed and shaved.  No new beards or mustaches may be grown without the general manager/owner approval.  Unless there is a medical condition requiring no shaving, employees must otherwise be clean shaven.

Female employees – Hair must be neatly combed.  Hair must be restrained and pulled off the front and top of shoulders if long length.  Hair should be worn as not to fall forward while driving and must comply with the local health codes.

Smoking/Gum Chewing

No smoking will be allowed during a shift. Chewing gum is not allowed in front of customers.


Employees need to be able to work on weekends and holidays. Please be aware customers sometimes need to book jobs at the last minute and you could be asked to work the day an event was scheduled.